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[ Wildlife Are Getting Their Heads Stuck in Our Trash ]

You’ve probably come across a story about animals getting their heads stuck in various containers. Here are a few just from last month.

This isn’t something new, but it is something that can be prevented. Properly disposing of your trash can help combat this problem. The National Wildlife Federation has come up with a few tips that will hopefully encourage everyone to consider trash disposal and recycling more carefully:

  • Don’t litter.
  • Store garbage and recycling in wildlife-proof containers.
  • Clean out recyclables (wildlife are attracted to the food remains).
  • Check with your local waste management service to see if there are other ways to help. Some will allow you to keep the lids on containers and/or crush recyclables.
  • If you see trash, pick it up even if you didn’t put it there.

Also, check out this amazing infographic detailing how long it takes for trash to decompose. 

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