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National Bird Day

National Bird Day is as a day to shine a spotlight on issues critical to the protection and survival of birds.


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[ Why You Should Have a Water Garden ]

July is National Water Gardening Month.  It’s the perfect time to point out some of the environmental benefits of a water garden:

The negative ions that moving water releases into the atmosphere help to purify the air. If you’ve ever noticed dreamstime_xs_14402470that air smells and tastes fresher near a waterfall or just after a rain storm, you have had a firsthand experience of the impact that these ions can have. A water garden produces a continual stream of negatively charged ions that help to remove toxins and impurities from the atmosphere.

One of the reasons why eco-conscious gardeners are increasingly attracted to water gardens has to do with the idea of conservation. Most forms of plant based landscaping like lawns, flowers, shrubs, or gardens based in soil require constant watering.  When you create a water garden, you create a self sustaining cycle of hydration that will keep plants alive and well without you having to water them at all.

The potential environmental impact of a water garden goes far beyond the immediate present, because a water garden can influence young people to help create a better future for the planet. If you have children, involving them in the design and maintenance of a water garden is a great way to help them gain an interest in science and environmental issues. A water garden is a complete eco-system of its own, where a delicate balance of fish, useful bacteria, plant life, and insects co-exist in harmony.

Find out more about the environmental benefits of a water garden from Streetdirectory.com here.

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