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World Turtle Day

The purpose of World Turtle Day is to bring attention to, and increase knowledge of and respect for, turtles and turtle daytortoises, and encourage human action to help them survive and thrive.


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[ Take A Two Minute Shower, Get A Free Timer ]

Soap & Glory is offering a free shower timer on their website just for filling out a short form.  It’s part of their 2 Minute Rinse Challenge.

2 minute shower

The Earth’s Most Imminent Ecological Disaster: Water Shortage*. 

At Soap & Glory, we encourage showering. (By selling a lot of shower gel.)  Which is why we’re on a mission to mitigate the earth-challenging effects of our business: A 2-MINUTE MISSION**.

Showering Responsibly.

The average 5-minute shower uses 35 litres of water (70% of our recommended daily water use), and practically everybody showers (at least everybody we like to spend time with.) So how can a conscientious citizen help?

Save Water. Come Clean. Do the 2-Minute Rinse.

We timed seventeen Soap & Glory staffers and calculated that it was entirely possible to get washed, shampooed, conditioned and rinsed using somewhere around 120 seconds of running water. (Yes, there’s a bit of TAP ON/ TAP OFF involved, but make it in under the line and – as a bonus – you’ll get a clean conscience.)

Soap & Glory is asking you to take the 2 minute rinse challenge and enter to win a Soap & Glory prize pack. It looks like winners are chosen weekly. Send photos and/or stories and/or videos to 2minuterinse@soapandglory.com telling/showing the inspiring way in which you have supported the Soap & Glory 2-Minute Rinse campaign.  Read the rules here.

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