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Don't Fry Day

“Don’t Fry Day” encourages sun safety awareness and reminds everyone to protect their skin while enjoying the outdoors.


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[ Say No To Paper To-Go Cups! ]

Did you know that Paper To-Go Cups are not easy or cheap to recycle, so many times they aren’t. The majority of these cups end up in landfills! The US alone tosses over 60 BILLION disposable cups each year! It’s a HUGE PROBLEM FOR MAMA EARTH!

You can do a really easy #1THING by saying ‘YES TO A REUSABLE CUP!’  A bonus is several coffee places give a reusable cup discount, which seems small, but each visit adds up. You could Save on Green, and keep things more Green for Mama Earth! Each day you go ‘Disposable Cup Free’, you are helping the environment in which we all live in.

Click here  to see why we must say ‘NO TO PAPER TO-GO-CUPS!’

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