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World Water Day is a day to celebrate water, a day to make a difference for the members of the global population who suffer from water related issues and a day to prepare for how we manage water in the future.


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[ Officials Salute PA Outdoor Corps Accomplishments At Pinchot State Forest ]

DCNR Bureau of Forestry Director Dan Devlin and state officials Thursday gathered at a state forest tract outside Wilkes-Barre to salute the contributions and successes of the PA Outdoor Corps at the Seven Tubs Recreation Area in Pinchot State Forest, Luzerne County.

“Closing out its second year of operation, the Pennsylvania Outdoor Corps certainly is emerging as a ‘win-win’ effort for all involved,” Devlin told the gathering of young workers. “Pinchot State Forest has profited greatly from the young workers’ spirit and commitment demonstrated here at Seven Tubs, and at other state forests and state parks across the state. Corps crews have helped DCNR chip away at a backlog of much-needed work, while gaining invaluable career direction and exposure to the outdoors.”

Transferred from Luzerne County to bureau ownership two years ago, Seven Tubs Recreation Area was designated for recent deployment of the young workers, who tackled heavy-duty trail restoration, picnic table assembly and other assignments.

The PA Outdoor Corps is an initiative offered through DCNR that offers paid work experience, job training, and educational opportunities to young people who complete recreation and conservation projects on Pennsylvania’s public lands.

The program is designed to protect and restore public lands, while providing young people with the knowledge to be good stewards of the state’s natural resources.

Read the full story from PA Environment Digest here.

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