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Arbor Day is a day when everyone is encouraged to plant and care for trees.


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[ First Mass Produced 3D-Printed Electric Car ]

According to CNBC, the first mass produced 3D -printed car will be from Italian-based electric car company XEV and 3D-printing material company Polymaker.  It will weigh just around 992 pounds, takes just three days to print, and will set you back about $7,500.  The company managed to shrink the number of plastic components that go into the vehicle from 2,000 to just 57. This makes it much faster and cheaper to print, but also lighter than any comparable vehicle. Apart from the chassis, seats, and glass panes, every visible part of the car was 3D-printed.

The two-seater looks a lot like a Smart car.  Its top speed is about 43 miles per hour and can travel about 93 miles on a single charge.

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