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[ Finally Getting The Dirt Off After A Long Long Winter ]

Check out the forecast for this week in Northeastern Pa and you’ll finally see some warm temperatures ahead.  We’ll be experiencing the perfect weather to clean off all that dirt and salt that’s been accumulating on your car all winter long.   So, here are some eco-friendly car wash tips to help ensure you’re cleaning your car in a green way without sending chemicals into nearby rivers or lakes:

Park in the Grass

The soil in your yard is capable of filtering chemicals like oil and gas out of the water that runs off your car when washing it. Though ideally, you wouldn’t be putting that debris into your yard, either, it’s a safer spot for it than the storm drains on your street, where it’ll completely miss the water treatment plant in favor of the nearest river. Plus, the run-off water from washing your car will be absorbed by your lawn, and you can skip watering your lawn thanks to the car wash.

Ditch the Hose

Spraying your car down, filling buckets, and rinsing sponges wastes a ton of water. Instead, use a small spray bottle of water and a sponge to get dirty spots on your car.  Combine that technique with waterless products to do a quality spot-clean of your entire car.  You can also make your own car cleaner the same way you make your own natural cleaning products. When you make your own organic car cleaning products, you have no doubt as to what’s going on your car and rinsing into your yard and the environment.

Make Your Own Window Cleaner

You don’t need Windex or a similar product to create a streak-free shine across all the windows of your car. Plus, you can use certain DIY window cleaners on the body of your car, too, as long as you wash them off quickly.
The most popular way to make window cleaner is to mix equal parts distilled vinegar and tap water into a spray bottle. Use a dry cloth to scrub at any difficult spots, then wipe down your windows for a streak-free shine. You can use this window cleaner to spot-treat the body of your car — but beware. You must use a little bit of water to wash it off after you’ve removed the spots. If vinegar is left on your car’s paint, it can cause the paint to fade.

Get more eco-friendly car wash tips from CubeSmart here.

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