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World Turtle Day

The purpose of World Turtle Day is to bring attention to, and increase knowledge of and respect for, turtles and turtle daytortoises, and encourage human action to help them survive and thrive.


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[ Can You Unplug? ]

Can you get your child to “unplug” for 100 hours this summer? Can you unplug for that long? OARS, one of the largest rafting companies in the world, is asking you and your family to do just that with the #100HoursUnplugged Challenge. How to participate? Just leave your screen-based lives behind—no texts, television, Facebook, or Instagram—and spend time together outdoors for 100 hours. That can equal a long weekend camping trip, multiple summer hikes, or two hours having fun in your yard or neighborhood park every afternoon for seven weeks. The challenge is meant to be doable, and OARS intentionally launched the campaign during the summer when families often take their vacations.

Find out more about the challenge here.

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