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International Polar Bear Day

International Polar Bear Day takes place every year on February 27th. Celebrate this as a day of action to reduce carbon emissions.


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[ Applications for 2013 Environmental Education Grants ]

The Department of Environmental Protection invites schools, colleges and universities, county conservation districts, non-profit organizations, municipalities and businesses to apply for its annual Environmental Education Grant to develop environmental education programs and projects.

The grants provide funding to develop programs and projects that support environmental education about issues including:


: abandoned mine drainage, non-point source pollution and water conservation;

    Chesapeake Bay

: reducing non-point source pollution, such as nutrient and sediment loads, and meaningful educational watershed experiences for students;

    Air quality

: ground level ozone, transportation and electric generation issues;


: education and outreach programs in brownfield redevelopment and sustainable communities, along with developing green, open spaces;


: educational programs on energy efficiency and conservation, as well as natural gas, coal, wind, solar and other energy sources and technologies;

    Environmental literacy

: planning and programming to engage educators and stakeholders in content standards and field-based environmental education; and

    Environmental education certification

: formal and non-formal ways to develop and implement institutionalized and community-based certification programs for teachers, naturalists and educators working in schools and environmental education facilities.

The Environmental Education grants were established by the Environmental Education Act of 1993 and mandate that five percent of all pollution fines and penalties DEP collects annually be set aside for environmental education.

In April, DEP awarded 147 grants totaling more than $642,000 to support environmental education programs across the state. Since 1993, the agency has awarded nearly $8 million in grants.

Eligible projects include, but are not limited to, teacher professional development; curriculum integration; outdoor learning resources, such as trails, shelters, streamside plantings and educational programming; transportation to field study sites; water chemistry testing equipment; and educational events. Grants are awarded for up to $7,500 each.

For more information or to apply, visit www.dep.state.pa.us; call DEP’s Environmental Education and Information Center at 717-772-1828; or email adevine@pa.gov. The deadline to apply is Dec. 13.

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