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World Water Day

World Water Day is a day to celebrate water, a day to make a difference for the members of the global population who suffer from water related issues and a day to prepare for how we manage water in the future.


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[ Abandoned Mine Turned Into Community Asset ]

PA Environment Digest reported that Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Patrick McDonnell Monday toured the 88-acre reclamation Curry Hill-Avondale Abandoned Mine Reclamation project in Plymouth Township, Luzerne County:

“Projects like Curry Hill-Avondale will make land that was once dangerous and unusable a viable asset for outdoor lovers,” said Secretary McDonnell. “Through the Abandoned Mine Land grant program we are able to support the important reclamation work of the site, which was once part of the Glen Alden Coal Company.”

The federally funded reclamation work involves grading more than one million cubic yards of on-site material to eliminate more than 6,000 feet of dangerous highwall that existed within abandoned strip mining pits.

As part of the work, one mine opening was filled and three other openings were closed with bat gates to protect habitat for bats roosting at the site. The work includes seeding the site and planting trees. Nine detention ponds were also installed to control stormwater runoff.

The project also involves creating two acres of wetlands.

Read the full story from PA Environment Digest here.

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