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[ 5 Ways to Feast on a Sustainable Thanksgiving Meal ]

Someone wise recently pointed out that we use the holiday season as an excuse to do so many things that are bad for us. We spend too much, we eat too much, we get too busy, and we simply compromise the issues that are important to us.

The first shindig of this crazy time of year hits next week with Thanksgiving. We all have some traditions we like to maintain no doubt, but maybe this year we could start the holidays off on the right foot by make responsible choices, especially when it comes to the food we put on the table. Not just making sure it’s healthy, perhaps lighter, and even vow to serve smaller portions, but make sure it’s responsible and sustainable.

Sustainable food choices honor the farmers who work hard to grow honest food. They raise animals that are treated humanely, not squeezed into pens and pumped with hormones. They grow crops that are grown without synthetic properties or overloaded with pesticides. Simply put, sustainable food choices respect the way food was intended to be.

This Thanksgiving, draw inspiration from the first Thanksgiving and consider serving a sustainable meal. The pilgrims served produce that was in season, the meat they had raised naturally, and gave thanks for the bounty they ate.

Here are five tips for a sustainable Thanksgiving meal of your own.

1. Purchase a Heritage Turkey

A heritage turkey is bred very uniquely. According to Slow Food USA, farmers will evaluate certain birds and breeds and look for positive qualities. These birds are then bred naturally with another outstanding bird in order to create what many say is the best tasting turkey you can find. Farmers look for traits like hardiness, self-sufficiency, high meat production, taste and temperament. This process is a far cry from the industrialized turkey farms. Those birds mature so quickly that they struggle to walk, let alone mate naturally. Heritage turkeys are more pricey, but that money goes toward honest farming and high quality food. You can order heritage turkeys online from HeritageFoodUSA.com.

Check out the rest of the tips at Care2.com.

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