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World Turtle Day

The purpose of World Turtle Day is to bring attention to, and increase knowledge of and respect for, turtles and turtle daytortoises, and encourage human action to help them survive and thrive.


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[1THING] Blog: Archive for April, 2017

[ Trump opens Arctic Ocean to drilling, despite high risks ]



[ National Wildflower Week ]

Lady Bird Johnson said wildflowers “give us a sense of where we are in this great land of ours.” Right she was!dreamstime_xs_4783072

Wildflowers are admired nationwide — and they’re celebrated officially during National Wildflower Week every first week of May.  This year, National Wildflower Week occurs May 1st thru the 7th.

Commemorate these iconic features of our landscapes by learning more about them.

The Benefits of Growing Wildflowers:

• Attracting and sustaining beneficial wildlife (the pollinators and other creatures essential to keeping the plant and animal kingdom – and us – going)
• Creating extensive recycling, composting, land repurposing and self-regulating water filtration systems
• Mastering extreme weather survival
• Developing a continent-wide erosion control program
• Nurturing the expansion of a wide range of living organisms
• Doing all of this practical work while giving us the great gift of their beauty

What Can You Do:

Grow native wildflowers!  Pollinators NEED native plants – a wide array of native plants! There is a symbiotic relationship between wildflowers and pollinators and it keeps our planet humming, buzzing, tweeting, and chirping along.

Find out more about landscaping with Native Plants of Pennsylvania here.

See more benefits of growing wildflowers from MOTHER EARTH NEWS here.


[ Trump will try to open fragile, pristine Arctic Ocean to drilling ]

Tim Woody

President Trump on Friday is expected to sign an executive order directing the Interior Department to lift restrictions that President Barack Obama imposed in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans,


[ MEMO: Trump Expected to Open Arctic Ocean to Drillling Friday ]

Tim Woody

TO: Energy and public lands reporters

FROM: Tim Woody, Alaska Communications Manager, The Wilderness Society, tim_woody@tws.org, 907-223-2443


[ Mine Drainage In NEPA Being Researched For Use In Bendable Concrete ]

The Eastern PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation announced it is aiding in the research of conducting a more durable concrete by supplying the University of Michigan with northeastern Pennsylvania Acid Mine Drainage (AMD).

Haoliang Wu, a joint Ph.D. student from the Advanced Civil Engineering Materials Research Lab at the Civil and Environmental Engineering College in the University of Michigan contacted EPCAMR with interest of collecting the raw AMD while conducting a CSC (China Scholarship Council Funding) with Professor Victor C. Li, FASCE, FASME, FWIF, FACI of the University of Michigan and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

The AMD was requested in order to test the “Durability Characteristic of Green concrete when it is exposed,” Wu said in an email.

According to the Advanced Civil Engineering Materials Research Lab at the University of Michigan, the “Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC), popularly known as ‘Bendable Concrete’ developed at the ACE-MRL, are ultra ductile cementitious composites used to provide seismic resistance to high rise buildings.”

This concrete is not only bendable but self healing, which allow the product to enhance the service life and cut down the frequent maintenance costs, while also withstanding 4 times the amount of pressure than regular concrete.

EPCAMR sent 180 gallons of mine impacted water taken from Solomon Creek AMD Boreholes discharge located in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania to the University of Michigan earlier this April for testing.

“EPCAMR is hoping to create a new partnership with the University of Michigan on this important research effort that could lead to yet another innovate way to reuse mine drainage here in Northeastern PA for a beneficial use in what they are calling ‘bendable concrete,’” Robert Hughes, Executive Director of EPCAMR, said. “We are hoping this first pilot effort could lead to future funding opportunities for EPCAMR and the potential for a new concrete co-product that might be found on PA’s roads and bridges, in the future, giving the infrastructure a longer life-span.”


[ 100 days: 4 worst and 1 good thing Trump has done for the environment ]

Trump has flip-flopped on signature issues, but been consistent about dismantling protections for public health, clean air and clean water.


[ Bike to School Day 2017 ]

Join the Celebration on May 10! dreamstime_xs_20974918

Thousands of students, families, community partners, and elected officials around the country will celebrate the benefits of biking and walking to school during National Bike to School Day.

Register your school’s event today to be counted among the thousands of schools who participate each year and be entered into drawings for bikes and helmets! Bike to School Day registration is free and open to all schools planning a 2017 event in the United States. Register now with The National Center for Safe Routes to School and see who else is biking!


[ Under Trump, BLM changes its flickr focus to fossil fuel ]

After years of sharing photos that show the best of American lands, the BLM now apparently sees these places in terms of the polluting resources that can be drilled, dug or blasted from beneath their surface.


[ “Tierras fronterizas en la mira” ofrece una visita virtual en español a la frontera entre los U.S. y México ]

Kate Mackay

Una historia envolvente que combina fotos y datos científicos para resaltar la peligrosa realidad de la región



[ Wilderness Society decries Trump order to “review” parks and national monuments ]

Michael Reinemer

The order demands that the Department of the Interior review more than 20 additional monuments created by the Antiquities Act—by both Democrat and Republican presidents—since 1996.