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World Turtle Day

The purpose of World Turtle Day is to bring attention to, and increase knowledge of and respect for, turtles and turtle daytortoises, and encourage human action to help them survive and thrive.


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[1THING] Blog: Archive for December, 2015

[ Get Your Green To Go ]

From smart home gizmos and music streaming to books and movies, an iPad can put the world in your hands.  It can also start saving it, too, with “green” apps that make it easy to live sustainably.

Here are a handful Seventh Generation recommends downloading. (Note that most of these apps are available for both iOS and Android, but not always. Some are free. Some aren’t. And all are subject to sudden unavailability. Check your app store of choice.):

Environmental Working Group Apps put their product databases in your hands when you shop. Use Skin Deep for cosmetics and personal care products, Dirty Dozen to find cleaner produce, and Food Scores to scan barcodes on foods and get ratings for 80,000 items based on nutrition, ingredient concerns, and processing level.

The Good Guide is similar—it lets you scan bar codes on over 170,000 products of all kinds—but here you’ll get ratings for their health, environmental, and social impacts.

Another great food app is Locavore, which directs you to nearby farms and farmers markets, and tells you what’s in season at the moment.

If you’re hungry for fish, download Seafood Watch and let it cast your line toward the healthiest and most sustainable choices at nearby markets and restaurants.

PaperKarma is a high-tech eco-miracle worker. Take a photo of a piece of junk mail, hit a button, and voila! This genius app will remove you from whatever mailing list sent it. Who says it’s not easy being green?

Check out the rest of the “green” apps Seventh Generation says are worth downloading here.


[ Environmentalists Call for New Study of Fracking Radiation ]

Environmentalists say a state study of radiation in waste from gas drilling is inaccurate and incomplete. The Department of Environmental Protection study found little cause for concern about radioactive materials in waste from drilling operations.

But Tracy Carluccio, deputy director of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, says scientists have known for years, compared with other shale formations, Marcellus shale has high levels of radiation.

“The various scientific reports point out that when the Marcellus shale is fracked, that radioactivity, which is naturally occurring in those deep formations, comes back up to the surface,” says Carluccio.

The Network has published its own report, criticizing the DEP study for inaccurate or incomplete sampling of rock cuttings and waste water, and failing to take action when radiation was detected. A lobbying organization for the gas drilling industry has dismissed the criticisms as “baseless.”

But according to Carluccio, the samples tested by the company hired to do the DEP study may not reflect the true amounts of radiation present in the waste materials.

“For instance, where you have drill cuttings buried at well sites they basically took samples from the surface they did not do push probes,” says Carluccio.

Push probes, she says, would better sample radiation in the drill cuttings themselves and in the surrounding soil.

Carluccio says trucks carrying drilling waste to landfills sometimes set off radiation detectors and though the DEP report said radiation levels in water that accumulates at these sites was too low to pose a health risk, Carluccio points out the amount of waste being buried at those sites continues to grow.

“If radium 226 is ending up in the leachate at these landfills, then it’s ending up in our environment and it could even enter our drinking-water sources,” she says.

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network says the DEP study is so flawed that the agency needs to start over and conduct a whole new study.

-Andrea Sears, Keystone State News Connection


[ Renewables permitted on public lands surpasses hydropower ]

Recently, an important milestone was reached: renewable energy projects approved on public lands in the past six years will, when built, produce more energy than all of the hydropower projects created in the past 100 years—including the Grand Coulee and Hoover d



[ 2016 First Day Hikes ]

Start 2016 on the right foot by joining one of America’s State Parks’ First Day Hikes. On January 1, 2016, hundreds of state parks across the U.S. will offer visitors FREE guided hikes, many along beautiful, snowy trails. Of course, in many parts of the country, January 1st can be frigid, so be sure to dress appropriately.  Visit www.naspd.org and click on your state of interest to find a First Day Hike nearest you.


[ Statement on the Wilderness Society’s 2015 CAPE awards recognizing BLM efforts ]

Jennifer Dickson

The following statement is from Nada Culver, Senior Director for Agency Policy:



[ How to give mutual funds to The Wilderness Society ]

Dec 21, 2015

Thank you for considering a gift of mutual fund shares to The Wilderness Society!  Making a gift of appreciated assets is a wonderful way to support our critical work to protect our nation’s natural heritage – and it’s easy!  Please note that gifts of mutual funds tak



[ Milestones in conservation of our public lands celebrated in annual Comparative Analysis for Performance Excellence (CAPE) awards ]

Over the past year the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has come a long way in modernizing the way public lands are managed.  The Wilderness Society’s annual Comparative Analysis for Performance Excellence (CAPE) awards acknowledge the work the agency has done from protecting places wh



[ CAPE awards 2015 ]

Dec 21, 2015

This year the Bureau of Land Management moved to finalize some important plans that solidify the agency’s new approach to public lands management – one that reimagines multiple use management to truly encompass the many uses of our public lands, from wildlands conservation to recreat



[ National Park’s Fee Free Days in 2016 ]

140px-US-NationalParkService-ShadedLogo_svgThe National Park Service turns 100 years old in 2016 and they want everyone to join the party. They will be offering 16 fee-free days in 2016 to celebrate.  Mark your calendars:

  • January 18: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • April 16-24: National Park Week
  • August 25-28: NPS Birthday
  • September 24: National Public Lands Day
  • November 11: Veterans Day

Read more here.


[ IRA sample letter (PDF) ]

Dec 20, 2015

Sample letter to IRA administrator to request a direct charitable distribution from an individual retirement account to The Wilderness Society.