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National Seed Swap Day

Seed Swap Day is a day for gardeners of all skill levels to exchange seeds, ideas, experiences, and resources.

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The Aldo Leopold Foundation’s mission is to foster the land ethic through the legacy of Aldo Leopold.

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[ How to Shop Humanely: 15 Brands With Strong Cruelty-Free Policies ]

Becoming an ethical shopper is easier than you think, thanks to guides and standards set forth by organizations like PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program.

Becoming an ethical consumer, especially when it comes to avoiding animal cruelty, is something most of us would like to do, but very few of us attempt. And it’s no wonder; the task can be difficult and oftentimes confusing. But if you’ve ever wondered what impact your purchases have on animals, there’s good news to share.…

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[ NASA, NOAA Find 2014 Warmest Year in Modern Record ]

Two separate analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released on January 16 showed that 2014 ranks as Earth’s warmest on record. In addition, the 10 warmest years in the instrumental record, with the exception of 1998, have occurred since 2000. This trend indicates a long-term warming of the planet, according to the analysis of surface temperature measurements by scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS).

Regional temperatures are more strongly affected by weather dynamics than global mean temperatures.…

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[ Celebrate Penguin Awareness Day ]

January 20th is Penguin Awareness Day and what better time to celebrate these amazing birds? Penguins delight and charm nature lovers of all ages. But, many penguin species face serious, human-caused threats. Check out this slide show from the Environmental Defense Fund & you’ll meet 9 penguin species and learn what they’re facing.…

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[ Not All Pennsylvanians Agree with Gov. Wolf’s Support of Fracking ]

They Say It Can’t Be Made Safe and Want a Ban

An organization calling itself “Stop Poisoning Pennsylvania” is demonstrating Tuesday at Governor Tom Wolf’s inauguration, calling for a ban on fracking in the commonwealth. The new governor says he supports fracking as a method of oil and gas drilling.

Washington County resident Randy Moyer, a self-described “fracking refugee” who worked with fracking waste, says he and other “fracking refugees” plan on protesting at the inauguration by bringing their suitcases to a reception at the governor’s mansion.…

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[ 3D Printing a Classic ]

The team from the Oak Ridge Manufacturing Demonstration Facility is at the Detroit Auto Show this week to display their latest accomplishment: a 3D-printed, electric-motor driven, Shelby Cobra. In just six weeks, the team went from designing the car in digital models, to 3D printing the frame and other parts with fiber-reinforced composite material, to assembling, finishing, and painting the final product.

President Obama and Vice President Biden recently took a close look at the car before announcing the latest Manufacturing Innovation Institute which will focus on furthering advanced composite materials and applications like this one.…

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[ GM Unveils New Plug-in EV Chevy Concept Car ]

General Motors (GM) on January 12 introduced the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle (EV) concept, an all-electric vehicle designed to offer more than 200 miles of driving range. In making the announcement at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the automaker said it is planning to market the vehicle for around $30,000.

GM said it will leverage the EV line established by the Volt and Spark EV. The Bolt EV concept is also designed to support DC fast-charging. The four-person concept car features lightweight materials, including aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber and even woven mesh, to reduce vehicle weight.…

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[ State Official: PA Will Benefit from Embracing Clean Power ]

While the Environmental Protection Agencies proposal to curb carbon pollution may be a difficult pill for coal supporters to swallow, one state leader is convinced the benefits outweigh the costs. About 40 percent of Pennsylvania’s electricity comes from coal, and the Clean Power Plan calls for the state to reduce carbon emissions from coal power plants 32 percent by the year 2030.

State Treasurer Rob McCord admits there are costs and concerns to be addressed, but says there’s much to gain by embracing the goals of the plan.…

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[ 9 Eco-Friendly Diets ]

Is it time to lose those extra holiday pounds? This new year, don’t just resolve to cut calories, resolve to eat a diet that’s healthier for you and the planet. mother nature network has nine diets to help you lower your weight and your carbon footprint at the same time.

Check them out here.…

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[ EPA recommends radon testing in January ]

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has designated January as national Radon Action Month, a perfect time for you to protect your family by testing your home for radon.

Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas, so testing is the only way to know if radon is present in your home or school. Test kits are available in home improvement centers, hardware stores and online. They cost approximately $20. The kits are simple to use with easy testing and mailing instructions.

“Testing for radon is an easy and important step in protecting the health of your family,” said EPA Mid-Atlantic Region Administrator Shawn M.…

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[ NHL Goes Green with Constellation ]

The National Hockey League (NHL) is entering a partnership with Constellation Energy to reduce its environmental impact. Constellation will provide renewable energy certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets to match the NHL’s 550,000 metric tons total carbon output for the 2014–15 season. Some of the power will come from sources such as wind farms, landfill gas projects and solar panels at NHL venues. Additionally, Constellation will conduct energy efficiency analyses and recommend energy management strategies for the league’s facilities.

Get the full story here.…

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[ Green Your Workout ]


A lot of people have made New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier, get fit, go to the gym…pretty much anything that has to do with losing weight.  One of the best things to do to lose weight is to exercise.  Did you know that there are lots of eco-savvy ways to get in your daily dose of physical fitness?  Check out these tips from EarthShare to green your workout:

  • Take it outside whenever you can. Instead of increasing your energy consumption via home and gym exercise machines, take advantage of hiking and biking trails in your area.
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[ Celebrate National Soup Month ]

soup month

This month, soup lovers will rejoice in the one time of year when their passion is finally regarded nationwide. January is National Soup Month, so celebrate to the fullest. Not only is soup relatively easy to make, it is also extremely versatile, making it a great way to break out of a winter food rut. The Sierra Club searched the web to find three tantalizing soup recipes that will bring your taste buds out of hibernation.  Get them here.  EatingWell also has a great list of 25 easy vegetarian recipes that you can check out here.…

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[ Burn Better: Burnwise ]

Whether you’re using a woodstove, pellet stove, or fireplace, smoke from your chimney means your fire isn’t burning as efficiently or cleanly as it could. Burn only dry, seasoned wood, and start a fire with dry kindling. Never burn painted or treated wood, which releases toxic chemicals . Get more tips for safe, efficient (and enjoyable!) wood burning at http://go.usa.gov/ejww.…

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[ Update on Health of Chesapeake Bay: Fragile ]

Report Has Both Good and Bad News

HARRISBURG, Pa. – The condition of Chesapeake Bay is still very fragile, according to a new report just released by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.CBF

This year the bay comes in with an overall score of D-plus, the same grade as the last report in 2012. Will Baker, president of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, says the report does offer some good news in spite of the poor letter grade.

“Most exciting are the elements of the report we care the most about,” says Baker.…

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[ 15 Resolutions You Can Cross Off Your List Today ]

The New Year is here, and what better way to celebrate than by doing some good! Whether you made resolutions or not, the start of a new year is a clean slate. You may not know what the next 12 months have in store, but you can guarantee that you jump-started 2013 on a positive note by accomplishing any (or all!) of the following eco-actions compiled by the Sierra Club.

1. Keep the TV off. It’s the first week of the New Year, do you really want to waste it sitting in front of the television?…

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[ For Old Electronics: Don’t Think Trash. Think e-Cycling ]

In 2013 each American household owned on average 28 electronic devices, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. But with advancing technology, sleeker, shinier and faster cell phones, computers, tablets, mp3 players and televisions are finding their way onto many holiday gift lists. And into the hands of American consumers.

But what about the old ones that are still perfectly functional? Think e-Cycle.

Rather than making products from scratch, recycling electronics keeps harmful toxins out of landfills, recovers valuable materials that can be reused, conserves virgin resources and results in lower emissions, including greenhouse gases which contributes to climate change.…

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[ Almost Like a Gift from Sandy ]

New York’s polluted Great South Bay is benefitting from a breach on Fire Island caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. According to a Reuters news article, the breach “…is allowing the Atlantic Ocean to surge in and out of the bay, and the water near the breach is cleaner, with more plentiful fish, than it has been in decades.” Hopefully the National Park Service will allow this breach, located in the Otis Pike Fire Island High Dune Wilderness, to remain open.…

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[ Don’t Trash Your Old Clothes ]

We all try to find ways to get more money back on our taxes.  One way is making a donation to a charity.  With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to clean out your closet and donate your old clothes.  Fleece, flannel, corduroy, cotton, nylon, denim, wool, and linen. All of these textiles can be donated when you’re finished wearing them, sleeping on them, or draping them over your windows.  Donating these items benefits your community and the environment. …

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[ Guest blog: Why getting kids outdoors matters to the future of willdlands ]

By Abbey Dufoe

The first three years of my life were spent in a hiking carrier.

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[ Alabama Hills Deserve Lasting Protection ]

Michael Reinemer

The following statement is from Sally Miller, senior regional conservation representative with The Wilderness Society, regarding Representative Paul Cook’s introduction of legislation to create the Alabama Hills National Scenic Area and include it in the Bureau of Land Man

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[ Action needed: Tell Congress to vote NO on blocking new national parks ]

Three new measures (S. Amendment 132, S.228, and H.R.330) could gut the Antiquities Act, which has been used on a bipartisan basis by presidents to protect natural and historic landmarks for over a century.


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[ Children’s dictionary scraps nature words for tech ones ]

Oxford University Press (OUP) has recently come under fire for omissions from their Junior Dictionary aimed at seven-year-olds.


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Recycle your electronics