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DEP Warns Public to Not Dispose Tires at Luzerne County Business

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is warning the public to not dispose of old or recycled tires at Nationwide Tire Recycling, Inc. (NTR) in Duryea, Luzerne County. The company does not have the proper department-issued permit to accept the tires and anyone who does dispose of tires there could be participating in unlawful activity. In addition, the accumulation of the tires at the site poses environmental issues.

“DEP wants tires disposed at locations that have the proper permits. When the public drops old tires off at volunteer tire-recycling events, they should be sure the tires are going to approved facilities,” said Mike Bedrin, Director of DEP’s Northeast Regional Office in Wilkes-Barre.…

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Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality During Healthy Lung Month

Emily Walsh, Community Outreach Director for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, recently contacted us here at [1THING] and was kind enough to guest write a great feature article for Healthy Lung Month. She has some interesting information about indoor air pollution and offers ways to improve the air quality in your home and office, which can also improve your health.  Check out what she recommends:

Though it’s what most are aware of, outdoor land and air pollution like that from exhaust and industrial waste are not the only factors impacting the health of the environment, which in turn affects the health of our bodies.…

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An increasing number of bald eagles have been admitted to wildlife-rehabilitation centers across Pennsylvania exhibiting signs of illness such as weakness, lethargy, emaciation, labored respiration and drooping wings. Blood tests often reveal that the eagles are suffering from lead toxicity.

Lead poisoning occurs when toxic levels of lead are absorbed into the body.

Raptors are particularly susceptible to lead poisoning because when they ingest lead particles, the acidic nature of their stomach causes rapid absorption of the metal, said Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Veterinarian Justin Brown.…

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11 Tips for Keeping Birds Safe from Cats

11 Tips for Keeping Birds Safe from Cats


Adapted from a National Wildlife Federation post by David Mizejewski

The National Wildlife magazine recently looked at the enormous toll that free-ranging domesticated cats take on wildlife in the United States. The latest study has conservatively concluded that between 1.3–4.0 billion birds and 6.3–22.3 billion mammals are killed annually by cats, making them one of the largest human-influenced sources of mortality for birds and mammals in the country.

When domesticated cats prey on wild birds and other wildlife they are simply following their natural instinct.

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How Mars is Taking Action on Climate (and How Your Company Can, Too!)

Mars to Spend $1 Billion on Climate Action


Adapted from posts by the World Resources Institute and Ceres

Mars, Incorporated, the world’s largest candymaker, made headlines in September with their $1 billion pledge to fight climate change. The money will go to renewable energy for their supply chain, projects that fight deforestation, support for small-scale farmers, and more efficient farming and shipping, among other big investments.

In the corporate sector, Mars is one of the major leaders on this climate change, and EarthShare member nonprofits have been there from the beginning to advance their sustainability goals.

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Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Now Accepting Entries For Digital Photo Contest

Grab your camera and get to Hawk Mountain in Berks County, because November 26 marks the final day for local photographers to submit entries for the Hawk Mountain Digital Photo Contest.
Photographers of any skill level can enter their best photos taken at Hawk Mountain for an entry fee of just $5, which benefits the Sanctuary’s education programs.
Participants can enter in as many of the 5 categories as they like, but only up to 2 photos per category.
Categories include Scenic Views and Wild Landscapes, Wild Avians, Native Wild Flora, Native Wild Fauna, and Macro Photography.…

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Map Reveals Pollution Dangers to PA Kids

Does your child go to school or daycare near an active oil or gas well? A new interactive map can help you find out.

The map was created using data from the Department of Education to show not only the location but the total enrollment of daycare centers, primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities within half a mile of active oil and gas wells and compressor stations.

According to Alan Septoff, strategic communications director for the group Earthworks, studies have shown that the closer homes and schools are to these facilities, the greater the health risk.…

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Environmental Groups Denounce Repeal of Clean Power Plan

Environmental and health advocacy groups say the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to repeal the Clean Power Plan will threaten Americans’ health and worsen the climate.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt issued a proposed rule on Tuesday that would do away with the regulations aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants.

According to Dr. Elena Rios, president and CEO of the National Hispanic Medical Association, the nation’s youngest residents would feel the impact of a repeal the most.

“The children’s data has definitely shown that in those areas that have more carbon pollution from carbon power plants, or from cars’ and trucks’ emissions, you have seen the rise of asthma,” she states.…

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Turning A Vacant Lot Into An Urban Nature Space

The Brodhead Creek Watershed Association Tuesday announced a portion of a vacant lot in Stroudsburg in Monroe County will become an urban nature space – a pocket park–  green oasis amid a busy downtown.

At the corner of Quaker Alley and Sixth Street, dumpsters and loading areas are decorated by weeds, but the project by Stroudsburg Borough, nonprofits Brodhead Watershed Association and Pocono Alliance, and landscape designer Robin Anglemyer of Strauser Nature’s Helpers will change that.

A portion of the land, owned by Monroe County, will have native flowers, grasses, shrubs, and shade trees, along with paths and seating to attract the town’s workers and residents.…

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Fall Foliage Report Now Available From DCNR

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Thursday issued its third Fall Foliage Report showing Northern Tier forest districts are at peak color in stands of red maple, cherry, and birch.

A second burst of color is expected soon as oak species begin their transition to various shades of red.

Central and southern forests are progressing nicely too. Maples in these regions are clinging to a much higher percentage of their leaves as compared to northern districts. This bodes well for an excellent peak foliage season in these areas.…

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Advocates to EPA: Do Your Job or We’ll Sue

A coalition of environmental and health groups has put the Environmental Protection Agency on notice that it needs to implement more protective clean air standards now.

New health standards for smog-forming ozone pollution were developed in 2015. The EPA on Sunday was required to begin identifying communities that don’t meet those standards.

But according to Seth Johnson, an attorney with the environmental law firm EarthJustice, the agency shows no sign of having obeyed the law. So on Wednesday the coalition sent a notice of intent warning the EPA that legal action could begin in 60 days.…

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Shopping For A New Car?

If you are shopping for a new-model car this fall, check out and compare the fuel economy of new cars. The annual fuel economy guide is online and provides estimates for hundreds of new cars.  Find the guide at…

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Nominate Your Favorite Trail for Pennsylvania Trail Of The Year

DCNR’s Pennsylvania Trails Advisory Committee is now accepting nominations for the 2018 Pennsylvania Trail of the Year.  The deadline for nominations is November 17.

“Pennsylvania is a leader in trail development, providing its citizens and visitors with more than 11,000 miles of trails across the Commonwealth to enjoy, from gentle pathways threading through miles of preserved greenways, to remote, rugged trails scaling the state’s magnificent mountains,” said DCNR Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn.

Each year, the Pennsylvania Trails Advisory Committee designates a Trail of the Year to help build enthusiasm and support for both large and small trails, and raise public awareness about the value of Pennsylvania’s trail network.…

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Keep PA Beautiful Invites Schools To Participate In Litter Free School Zone Program

garbageKeep Pennsylvania Beautiful invites schools in Pennsylvania to participate in the Litter Free School Zone Program, a comprehensive program that encourages young people to play an active role in protecting and improving our environment through recycling, litter awareness, and community stewardship.

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful provides a sign recognizing the participating school as a Litter Free School Zone. The school, in turn, organizes two cleanup or beautification events per year.

There are currently over seventy schools that participate in the program.

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Stroud Water Research Center Seeking Activity Patch Designs For Boy, Girl Scouts And Youth Programs

StroudPatchThe Stroud Water Research Center’s Education Department is now accepting proposed designs for an activity patch to be given to Boy and Girl Scouts and to others participating in the Center’s youth education programs. The deadline for entries is September 30.

As a starting point in the creative process, contestants should review the mission and education programs offered by the Stroud Center.

Hand-drawn sketches, computer generated designs, and other types of artwork for the patch are accepted. Be creative and consider patch shape and multiple colors.…

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Everything you need to know about Perry’s coal bailout plan

By propping up uneconomic coal and nuclear plants in the name of grid reliability, Perry could disrupt our energy markets and more.

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Drilling knocks on the door of Bears Ears

A proposed lease sale nibbles away at the canyonlands and archaeologically rich sites surrounding Utah’s Bears Ears National Monument.


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Senate vote poses grave threat to Alaska’s Arctic Refuge

Tim Woody

The U.S. Senate today failed to remove a provision for its budget resolution that is designed to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling after decades of bipartisan support

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