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[ EPA Introduces New Graphic to Help Consumers Make Informed Choices about Insect Repellents ]

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today unveiled a new graphic that will be available to appear on insect repellent product labels. The graphic will show consumers how many hours a product will repel mosquitoes and/or ticks when used as directed.

“We are working to create a system that does for bug repellents what SPF labeling did for sunscreens,” said Jim Jones, Assistant Administrator of the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention. “By providing vital information to consumers, this new graphic will help parents, hikers and the general public better protect themselves and their families from serious health threats caused by mosquitoes and ticks. …

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[ July is UV Safety Month ]

Don’t sunburn. The UV Index predicts the strength of solar rays. Check your UV Index so you know how strong the sun’s rays will be, and avoid sun overexposure. July is UV Safety month.sun

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[ Travel Light and Green ]

planeTaking a vacation this summer?  Well, jetting around the globe can really bloat your carbon footprint.  The Sierra Club has rounded up a few items that can help shrink that load.

  • To spot your bags on the carousel — and to make sure they find their way home if lost — tie MOTHERBOARD GIFTS’ Circuit Board Luggage Tags onto your packs. They consist of cast-off computer parts and come in catch-your-eye colors. $20 for a set of three
  • The GREEN EARTH GUIDES lead you to public transportation, eco-minded businesses, and organic, vegan cuisine.
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[ Don’t Bring Unwanted Guests Home From Vacation ]

Summer is here, and that means vacation. Warm sunny days, relaxation, and maybe that family vacation to a seaside hotel or mountain resort. In hotels large and small, a problem is lurking: bed bugs. The common bed bug (Cimex lectularius) has long been a pest – feeding on blood, causing itchy bites, and generally irritating its human hosts.

Experts believe the increase in bed bugs in the U.S. may be due to more travel, lack of knowledge about prevention, and ineffective pest control practices by hotels.…

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[ July is Park and Recreation Month ]

park and recSince 1985, America has celebrated July as the nation’s official Park and Recreation Month. This year’s theme is OUT is IN, focusing on setting trends instead of following them, making 2014 the year people go outside, change their outlook, and get involved in their community through parks and recreation and so much more.

July is a great time to experience how parks and recreation can improves lives — from health and wellness to nature to community spirit and social equity.…

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[ Grocery Store Scorecard ]

fish grillAre you having a cookout this 4th of July?  Maybe throwing some shrimp on the grill or having a clambake? 

Before you do your shopping for your big bash, check out Greenpeace’s interactive Seafood Sustainability Consumer Hub

The Hub is designed to make sustainable shopping easy and includes grocery store rankings and full profiles for over 40 major stores across the country.  Many grocery stores have moved towards more sustainable policies that protect oceans and marine life, but many more still lag behind. …

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[ Make Your Summer Camping Trips Waste Free ]

campWhen you go on a camping trip, there are many items that you have to remember to bring-tent, sleeping bag, food, and, depending if you want to rough it or glamp, you might bring everything but the kitchen sink.  For your next camping excursion, try to make it greener by bringing as many re-usable items as possible.  Once you get used to that, it will be as easy as remembering to pack socks, or bring your toothbrush!

GlassDharma has a few suggestions on how to make your next trip waste free:

Pack kitchenware, plates, bowls, utensils, etc., instead of the more commonly seen paper and plastic ware.…

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[ 7 Apps for Green Road Tripping ]

Going on a road trip this summer?  Well, the Sierra Club has put together a list of apps for green road tripping that will keep your footprint slim and trim by offering low-carbon, high-adventure options for green summer fun.road trip

1. Zimride

Take a few cars off the road by carpooling. Zimride allows users to post and book rides with local Zimriders headed for the same destination. Detailed profiles help you get to know your future carmates and connect on social media.…

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[ Save Fuel on Your Summer Vacation ]

According to the Department of Energy, travelers can expect to pay less for gasoline this summer than a year ago – but just barely.  road trip

The Energy Information Administration predicts the typical American motorist will shell out $3.57 for a gallon of self-serve, no-lead gasoline, a penny per gallon cheaper than during the April to September period last year. 

Even though you will be paying a tiny bit less for gas than last year , you’ll most likely still want to save more money…right? …

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[ EPA Orders Pennsylvania Municipalities to Improve Stormwater Management ]

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced today that it has sent orders to 85 municipalities in north central and northeast Pennsylvania requiring improvements to their programs for managing stormwater. EPA issued the orders to augment Pennsylvania’s efforts to ensure effective stormwater management programs are in place to improve water quality in local streams and the Chesapeake Bay, which is downstream of most of the towns cited by EPA.    

“In this age of changing climate and more frequent and severe weather events, managing urban stormwater is essential for protecting and restoring the waterways in our communities,” said EPA Regional Administrator Shawn M.…

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[ Keep Your Clothes Out of Landfills ]

Here’s what you can do to keep your sneakers and bras out of landfills!

Your Sneakers: 

Worn out. Play on. Turn your old sneakers into places to play.

Nike Reuse-a-Shoe takes worn out athletic shoes and grinds them down to create a new material called Nike Grind, which is used to make high-quality sports surfaces including courts, turf fields, tracks and more.

Since 1990, Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe and Nike Grind programs have been collecting worn out shoes bound for the landfill and along with pre-consumer waste, turned this into sport courts and other products. …

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[ 5 Eco-Conscious Sunscreens ]

sunscreenThe best way to avoid getting a sun burn is to stay out of the sun, but who wants to do that when the warm weather has finally arrived here in Northeastern Pa.  So, if you plan on spending any amount of time outside, you should wear sunscreen to shield your body from the sun’s harmful rays. 

Did you know that some sunscreens contain chemicals that can be harmful when they wash off in rivers and oceans and have been reported as agents in coral bleaching and can be absorbed by fish?  …

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[ Leonardo DiCaprio Makes $7 Million Pledge for Ocean Conservation ]

oceanCelebrity actorperson and do-gooder extraordinaire Leo DiCaprio is putting big bucks into the ocean: like 7 million of ‘em.

Because just like so many of us (just check our 4th grade yearbook), as a wee bairn DiCaprio dreamed of becoming not an actor… but something far more fishy: “Before I wanted to become an actor, I dreamt of becoming a marine biologist,” he stated.

And though that earlier dream didn’t really work out for him — much to his chagrin, we’re sure — thanks to his current position as forever-heartthrob of our ’90s-loving hearts, he’s seen just how poorly we’ve treated our mystical waters and wants to do something to do something about it.…

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[ July is National Water Gardening Month ]

pondJuly is a great month to enjoy the water garden lifestyle.  While the installation of a pond is hard work, the peaceful sounds of a fountain or waterfall, and the colorful water lilies and other plants are a source of lasting beauty and enjoyment.  Many ponds are stocked with either Koi or goldfish, which can survive through the winter even in colder climates.  Ten percent of U.S. households have a water feature as part of their gardens and they spend close to a billion dollars a year on their hobby.…

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[ National park visitors added $26.5 billion to economy in 2013 ]

In a study released July 18, the National Park Service (NPS) announced that its network of parks and other public lands


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[ Take action: Forest Service must keep snowmobile use safe and sustainable ]

As it is currently written, the Forest Service’s proposed over-snow vehicle (OSV) rule allows individual fo


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[ Love wilderness? This video will make you want to protect it. ]

A new video produced by This American Land celebrates the 50th anniversary of a piece of legislation that has given Americans their strongest tool for protecting wildlands: The Wilderness Act.


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[ Where moon-bound Apollo crews trained: our otherworldly wildlands ]

In 1969, landing on the moon was a truly paradigm-shifting achievement–a real “first” both for the American public and NASA.


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[ First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Wins Federal Funds, Courtroom Fights ]

For over a decade, Cape Wind’s proposal to build a turbine farm off Cape Cod has generated excitement and opposition in large measures—but no power. New federal funding and recent courtroom victories may soon change all that, and launch America’s offshore wind industry in earnest.

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Loan Programs Office has announced a conditional commitment to Cape Wind, a 130-turbine project slated for the shallow waters of Nantucket Sound. The $150 million loan guarantee would support construction of the 360 megawatt (MW) wind farm and might finally help the bid to spin turbines above the waters of Nantucket Sound.…

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