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[ What Celebrities Are Saying About the Environment ]

When a celebrity gives their opinion, many people listen.  They might say something that can be motivational and inspirational.  Check out these quotes from celebrities about the environment..they might just inspire you to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle:


“I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security. Defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad. Otherwise what is there to defend?”


“The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.”


“Nothing is more important to human society than preserving its natural capital.…

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[ Pennsylvania Breaks Into Top 10 States In Energy Efficiency Jobs ]

A review of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Pennsylvania is now in the top 10 states in terms of the number of workers employed in businesses related to energy efficiency and clean energy, according to a new report released by Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) and E4TheFuture this week.

The report found 53,175 jobs in Pennsylvania connected to energy efficiency businesses. Another report in November found over 66,000 workers employed in clean energy and energy efficiency companies in Pennsylvania.

31 percent of the energy efficiency firms employing workers are focused on installation of products, 21 percent from making advanced materials and insulation companies and 20 percent in engineering and research.…

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[ Nurses’ Report Links Health to Climate Change ]

Global climate change is having serious health effects across the country, according to a new report that says the nursing profession could be a first line of defense.

The report from the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments notes that the Earth’s rising temperature means more frequent and more violent weather patterns, which are having the greatest impact on children, the elderly and the poor.

According to report co-author Katie Huffling, director of the Alliance, those health effects underscore the urgency of taking immediate steps to curb greenhouse gas emissions.…

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[ Report Assesses Impact of Federal Coal Emissions ]

A new report acknowledges that coal mined on public land accounts for 11 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

A year ago the Obama administration halted new leases for coal mining on public land as it conducted a review of the leasing program.

According Jenny Harbine, a staff attorney for the environmental advocacy legal group Earthjustice, the preliminary report released Wednesday by the Bureau of Land Management calls for modernization of the leasing program and states that “climate-change impacts touch nearly every aspect of public welfare.”

“The report really underscores the imperative to stop burning coal and transition to clean, renewable energies to prevent an environmental and an economic climate change catastrophe,” Harbine states.…

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[ Burnwise to Burn Better ]

Whether you’re using a wood stove, pellet stove, or fireplace, smoke from your chimney means your fire isn’t burning as well as it could. Burn only dry, seasoned wood and start a fire with dry kindling. Never burn plastic, or painted or treated wood which releases toxic chemicals. Get more tips for safe, efficient (and enjoyable!) wood burning.

VIDEO: Tips how to dry firewood for better burning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo1–Zrh11s

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[ Suggestions for a Safe and Healthy 2017 ]

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Acting Secretary Patrick McDonnell shared the following suggestions for Pennsylvania residents for a safe and healthy 2017.

• Test your home for radon: Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that can cause lung cancer. Due to Pennsylvania’s geology, many homes can be exposed to this naturally occurring gas through the basement. Home radon test kits are an inexpensive way to gauge residents’ risk and possible need for mitigation. Kits are available in most home improvement and hardware stores.…

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[ Clean-Air Advocates Oppose Trump’s Pick to Head EPA ]

A group of clean-air advocates is running a series of television ads in seven states opposing president-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to head the EPA. Clean Air Moms Action says Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has a long history of opposing clean air and water standards that protect American families from dangerous pollutants.

Gretchen Dahlkemper, director of the group, points out that Pruitt has sued the EPA multiple times, challenging the Clean Power Plan, regulations to reduce methane emissions and more.

“These include standards for reducing soot and smog pollution,” she said.…

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[ Congress Threatens to Scrap Critical Regulations ]

Some advocacy groups are warning that two measures by congressional Republicans are threatening the status of current federal regulations on everything from school lunches to clean air.

Lawmakers are calling it regulatory reform. But according to former Environmental Protection Agency administrator Carol Browner, the REINS Act – which stands for “Regulations from the Executive In Need of Scrutiny” – as well as the “Midnight Rule Relief Act” both threaten to dismantle decades worth of environmental and public health protections.

“They want it both ways,” Browner said.…

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[ Enter the People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) Student Design Competition! ]

It’s the 14th annual People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) Student Design Competition!  Under P3, college teams apply for grants to develop and display innovative solutions for a sustainable future, offering students hands-on experience with classroom learning. Read more about the P3 competition and how to apply:

What is P3? Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URGEUcDtaMA

Applications due Feb 3!

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[ Lose Weight the Environmentally Friendly Way ]

It’s very likely that you or someone you know has made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight.  This year, choose a weight loss strategy that’s good for you and the environment.

Here are a few eco-friendly weight loss tips from The Huffington Post to help get you started:

Hit the hay an hour earlier. What does extra shut-eye have to do with being skinny? Look at the science: More than 24 studies link a healthy night’s sleep with a healthy weight.

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[ Report Shows Improving Health for Chesapeake Bay ]

PA Still Behind in Pollution-Reduction Efforts

The Chesapeake Bay is getting healthier, but a new report says Pennsylvania needs to step up its efforts to cut pollution flowing into the bay.

The latest State of the Bay report showed that the bay’s health index has gone up two points since 2014, from a grade of D-plus to C-minus.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation President William Baker cited gains across all three rating categories – fisheries, habitat and pollution – and for nine of 13 specific indicators.…

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[ January is National Radon Action Month ]

Test your home for radon, an invisible radioactive gas that causes lung cancer. Testing is the only way to know whether your home contains high radon levels.
Learn more at https://www.epa.gov/radon

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[ Eco-Friendly Resolutions ]

It’s the time for New Year’s resolutions…spend less, lose weight, be nicer!  This year, resolve to make some simple resolutionchanges that could help our planet.  Change your environmental habits and you’ll make a huge impact on both yourself and the rest of the world.  Here are a few easy “green” New Year’s resolutions to help get you started:

Ditch the plastic. Carry a reusable bag with you for groceries, shopping and take-out food.
Clean with green. Clean your home with non-toxic and natural cleaning products.…
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[ Nominations Now Being Accepted For DCNR/PRPS Green Parks Award ]

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the PA Recreation and Park Society are now accepting nominations for the Green Parks Award. Nominations are due January 27.

This annual award recognizes excellence in the public park community for those that demonstrate the integration of green and sustainable park practices.

Entries are judged on: site location and design, water conservation practices, natural landscaping, materials selection and construction, how they connect people to nature, operations and maintenance and environmental stewardship messaging.…

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[ Getting New Electronic Devices For Christmas? Don’t Forget To Recycle The Old Ones ]

Santa Claus is likely to bring good little girls and boys lots of new electronics — bigger screen TVs, computers, tablets, phones, printers, scanners and more.

In many cases, they will replace a ton (tons actually) of old, outdated models that usually end up in the basement, a forgotten closet or worse, in the case of TVs, by the side of the road on in a nearby creek.

You should know state law prohibits you from just putting these devices out with the trash for disposal.…

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[ Analysis: Scott Pruitt’s misleading testimony from this week’s EPA confirmation hearing ]

He’s taken large contributions from energy interests for his campaigns and raised millions more for partisan political groups.

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[ Pruitt’s actions undermine his testimony as he runs from his own record ]

Scott Pruitt spent his hearing running from his record of doing industry’s bidding when it comes to public health and environmental protection – because he knows the public won’t support it.

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[ Obama’s legacy includes National Park Service recognition of LGBTQ history and places ]

Michael Reinemer

As the Obama Administration draws to a close, we recognize President Obama’s accomplishments in land conservation, energy reforms, efforts to help more Americans visit


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[ The way to clean energy-for-all in a Trump Administration, in California and beyond ]

California is wrestling with the same energy issues the rest of us will face…and it's finding solutions.

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[ Interior nominee Zinke champions parks, but calls for rollback of key rule to curb pollution ]

Anastasia Greene

Yesterday on Capitol Hill, Representative Ryan Zinke appeared before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to answer questions at his confirmation hearing to serve as Secretary of the Interior.

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