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International Orangutan Day

International Orangutan Day is a day to take action in preserving this amazing species.

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[ Mariner East Drilling Settlement Offers New Protections ]

Some Pennsylvania landowners now have stronger protections against spills and water contamination associated with construction of the Mariner East II pipeline.

State officials approved a settlement that environmental groups reached with Sunoco and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Alex Bomstein, senior litigation attorney with the Clean Air Council, explains the agreement strengthens plans to prevent and respond to problems during construction of the pipeline.

“Increased opportunities for people with water wells near drilling sites to comment on the plans that Sunoco has for drilling,” he states.…

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[ A Concert to Fight Climate Change ]

Patti Smith, Cat Power and Michael Stipe are among the artists gathering at New York’s Carnegie Hall in early November for “Pathway to Paris,” an initiative dedicated to achieving climate change goals set by the Paris Agreement.

“We believe in the power of music and its ability to heal and unify citizens in a time of crisis,” Jesse Paris Smith said in a statement. “The world must work as a team, and the cities of our planet must join together to lead the way.”

Jesse, the daughter of Patti Smith and Fred “Sonic” Smith, is a composer, instrumentalist, activist and producer.…

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[ Marie Claire’s New Sustainability Issue ]

The Natural Resources Defense Council and Marie Claire are joining forces this month to protect our planet in honor of the release of the magazine’s first sustainability issue.

Learn more about Marie Claire‘s new sustainability issue at http://www.marieclaire.com/sustainable-issue/

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[ What’s In That Can? ]

When it comes to shelf-stable tuna, consumers may want to reconsider which can to crank open. Not all tuna is created equal, whether you’re looking for the lowest-mercury option, or you want to make sure your fish was caught in an eco-friendly manner. Oceana gathered key data to help you figure out what you’re eating and steer clear of any questionable contents.

Find out what they say are the four things to consider when buying canned tuna here.…

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[ Research Suggests Hunger a Side Effect of Climate Change ]

A report that looks in depth at how climate change is robbing crops of nutrition says there will be more hungry people and more suffering linked to vitamin deficiencies.

Samuel Myers, an environmental health researcher at Harvard’s School of Public Health conducted a study in 2014 that found higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are likely to reduce the protein, iron and zinc content of rice, wheat, peas and other food. Myers now has taken that a step further, calculating through the year 2050 the number of people within each country that won’t be getting enough nutrients.…

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[ DEP Chronicles Story of Susquehanna River Stresses and Cites Successes on New Interactive Multimedia Website ]

Harrisburg, PA – Fans of the Susquehanna River can learn about adverse human impacts on the East Coast’s longest river and its tributaries and follow the progress of the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP’s) efforts to tackle them on a new interactive, multimedia website called the Susquehanna River Story.

“Working with many partners, we’re developing and implementing programs that are paying off in addressing the wide range of challenges the Susquehanna faces,” said DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell. “These are informed by innovative pollution assessment methods and stores of data we’ve developed that have made us a national leader in large-river monitoring.”

DEP has played an instrumental role in improving the health of the Susquehanna River Basin.…

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[ Here’s How Climate Change Will Negatively Affect Money ]

The warming of the earth’s atmosphere will have a profound financial impact on nearly every part of our daily lives. walletAccording to AOL, the temperature increase associated with climate change could reduce the income of an average person by 23 percent by 2100.

Some of the ways climate change could hurt your wallet include health costs, food costs, wage costs, severe weather costs, and more:

  • Increased frequency of severe weather means more injuries. Climate change also means changing wind patterns resulting in more ground-level ozone, or smog, more airborne particulates from more frequent wildfires and even increased plant pollen, which all lead to higher incidence of asthma and cardiovascular disease.
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[ Loss Of Solar Power During Upcoming Solar Eclipse ]

The PJM Interconnection Monday said it expects to temporarily lose up to 2,500 megawatts of solar power generation from 1:30 to 3:40 on the afternoon of the August 21 solar eclipse.

Although the eclipse will reduce solar power generation, PJM Interconnection expects no power grid reliability issues in its footprint, which includes 13 states and the District of Columbia and 65 million people. It will use its sufficient reserves for replacement generation.

“Certainly, this is an unusual solar event, but as far as potential impacts to the grid, PJM and its members are prepared,” said PJM President and CEO Andrew L.…

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[ DEP Urged to Revise Brunner Island Water Permit ]

The Brunner Island power plant must stop contaminating the Susquehanna River, according to a message delivered by local residents to the Department of Environmental Protection.

A hearing Monday evening marked the close of the public comment period on a draft water permit that would let the coal-fired power plant continue discharging water with pollutants from coal ash until 2023.

According to Patrick Grenter, senior campaign representative for the Sierra Club, the plant’s last water permit expired more than five years ago and the current draft would allow the plant to keep discharging waste containing arsenic, mercury and selenium into the river.…

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[ Musicians Who Care About the Environment ]

Many musical artists practice an eco-friendly lifestyle.  Eluxe Magazine has a great list of Eco Friendly musicians and what they are doing to help our planet.  Some of the artists on the list include Pink, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, and more:

  • In the spring of 2010, Drake embarked on his first-ever tour as a headliner in association with Reverb’s Campus Consciousness Tour, which began with Guster in 2006. The CCT works to link artists with environmental student groups at schools across the country to raise awareness through literature and activities in tents on the concert grounds, like eco-friendly screen printing from Studio 3, an organic textile company.
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[ Groups Seek Permanent Delaware Watershed Drilling Ban ]

Environmental groups are visiting Harrisburg and three other state capitals this week to deliver a petition calling for a ban on fracking in the Delaware River Basin.

The governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware plus the Army Corps of Engineers make up the Delaware River Basin Commission.

Currently, there is a moratorium in effect that blocks any fracking in the Delaware watershed.

According to Maya van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper, the groups have gathered more than 50,000 signatures asking that the moratorium be made into a permanent ban.…

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[ Philadelphia Eagles Expand On Green Efforts With Installation Of Food Waste Digester ]

The Philadelphia Eagles Friday announced they will team up with environmental partner, Waste Masters Solutions, on the installation of a food waste digester and data analytics platform at Lincoln Financial Field.

The eco-friendly mechanism is designed to optimize efficiency and properly dispose of food waste during the pre- and post-consumer periods.

Waste Masters Solutions will work closely with BioHiTech Global – a green technology company that develops and deploys innovative and disruptive waste management technologies – on the design, construction and operation of the stadium’s Eco-Safe Digester® and analytics platform.…

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[ Groups Call for Halt to PA Pipeline Drilling ]

Environmental groups say drilling for the construction of Sunoco’s Mariner East Two pipeline has contaminated wells, and they want it stopped.

Three organizations have filed papers with the Environmental Hearing Board, asking it to declare that water permits allowing horizontal, directional drilling for the natural-gas pipeline construction are not valid.

According to Alex Bomstein, a lawyer with the Clean Air Council, drilling fluids have been spilled in sensitive wetlands, streams and reservoirs, and clogged or contaminated drinking-water wells.

“We have documented 61 individual drilling spills in just a two-month span, and there have been several incidents of water-well contamination across the state,” he says.…

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[ USDA Science Pick Called “Unqualified” ]

A leading scientific organization says President Donald Trump’s nominee to be chief scientist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture is unqualified.

Sam Clovis is a conservative radio talk-show host and a former advisor to the Trump presidential campaign. He’s also a vocal denier of climate change.

Karen Stillerman, a senior analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists, calls the Clovis nomination “unacceptable and illegal.”

“He just does not have the training that’s required, either by law or just by common sense, for someone who is going to be overseeing science at a very large federal department that invests billions of dollars annually in research,” she explains.…

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[ Court Denies Move to Force EPA Pesticide Decision ]

federal appeals court has refused to order the Environmental Protection Agency to decide if it will ban a pesticide linked to brain damage in children.

Late last year the EPA said exposure to chlorpyrifos, a pesticide related to Sarin nerve gas, put children, farm workers and the environment at risk.

It was banned from residential use 17 years ago. But in March the agency refused to issue a ban on its use in agriculture.

According to Erik Nicholson, national vice president of United Farm Workers, the EPA itself already has determined that the science is clear.…

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[ PSU: Shale Gas Development Spurring Spread Of Invasive Plants In PA Forests ]

Vast swaths of Pennsylvania forests were clear-cut circa 1900 and regrowth has largely been from local native plant communities, but a team of researchers in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences has found that invasive, non-native plants are making significant inroads with unconventional natural gas development.

The spread of invasive non-native plants could have long-term negative consequences for the forest ecosystem in a region where the ubiquitous woods provide timbering revenue, wildlife habitat and ecotourism, warns team member Dr. David Mortensen, professor of weed and applied plant ecology.…

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[ Updates Along the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail ]

The Lackawanna Heritage Valley recently made a few announcements on some new changes that have been happening along the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail.  Here’s what they say we can expect to see over the next several months:

The Carbondale Riverwalk is now under construction.  The 1.4 mile section of trail from Downtown Carbondale north to Morse Avenue in Simpson is expeted to open this fall.

The Lackawanna Heritage Valley and Heritage Valley Partners will soon install a 38’ x 60’ pavilion at the Olive Street Trailhead in Scranton.…

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[ DEP Commends Regionalized Approach to Reduce Stormwater Pollution in Luzerne County ]

Department Cites Creation of Local Entity in Luzerne County

Wilkes-Barre, PA – Today, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary Patrick McDonnell commended more than 30 communities working together to reduce pollution through the creation of the Regional Storm Water Management Program at an event with state and local leaders in Luzerne County.

“I want to praise the initiative and leadership that these local governments have taken to improve the water in their local streams and rivers,” said Sec. McDonnell. “By working together, these municipalities are reducing pollution less expensively than they could if they were each making these efforts separately.…
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[ Analysis: Public Lands Bring Big Benefits to PA ]

Public lands, national parks and monuments add billions of dollars to the economy and create thousands of jobs in Pennsylvania, according to a recent analysis.

Saying their size and number interfere with development, the Trump administration ordered a review of 27 national monuments to either shrink or eliminate protected areas.

In response, congressional Democrats on the Joint Economic Committee released a state-by-state fact sheet on the economic impact of public lands.

It shows that in Pennsylvania, 19 national parks attract 11 million visitors a year, increasing the state’s economic output by almost $750 million.…

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[ Why environmental groups are speaking out after Charlottesville ]

In a country hobbled by racism we must address civil rights to be able to make true environmental progress.

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[ Here’s why putting more tax dollars behind coal is such a wasteful proposition ]

Imagine what $4.5 billion could do for Appalachia if we spent it to really help this economically struggling region.

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[ Sand to Snow National Monument released from Department of Interior review ]

Andrea Alday

The monument fell under review by the Department of the Interior, following President Trump’s April 26th executive order.


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[ Environmental and Public Interest Groups Condemn Racist Violence and Intolerance in Charlottesville, Virginia ]

Environmental and Public Interest Groups Condemn Racist Violence and Intolerance in Charlottesville, Virginia

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[ New pilot King County outdoor initiative ‘important and pioneering’ ]

Anastasia Greene

The Wilderness Society is proud to announce its involvement in an initiative with King County Parks and King County Metro – the Trailhead Direct pilot project.

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