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World Environment Day

World Environment Day is the ‘people’s day’ for doing something positive for the environment.

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[ PA Township Takes On Climate Change ]

It takes a village to save the planet. That’s the message one Pennsylvania township is hoping to send with its resolution on climate change.

Through his work at Penn State’s Sustainability Institute, Peter Buckland became keenly aware of the impacts of climate change that already are being felt around the world, as well as here in Pennsylvania. In his role as a supervisor in Ferguson Township, he has introduced a resolution which, if adopted, would require the township to develop a strategy for achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.…

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[ Environmentalists Tell Legislators: Protect Our Streams ]

Environmental advocates want state lawmakers to reject a bill they say would create a loophole in Pennsylvania’s Clean Streams Law.

Senate Bill 624 would let the coal industry sidestep existing laws prohibiting projects that cause damage to streams by promising to fix them later. According to Veronica Coptis, director of the Center for Coalfield Justice, the legislation specifically targets plans to dig long-wall coal mines underneath two streams that flow into Ryerson State Park.

“We’ve seen streams in this same watershed go completely dry, and 12 years later have still not been restored,” Coptis said.…

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[ DEP to Hold Public Comment Period and Hearings on Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline Project Permit Applications ]

Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will open a comment period on May 27, 2017 and hold four public hearings for feedback on the earth disturbance (Chp. 102)  and waterway and wetland encroachment (Chp.105) permit applications submitted by Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC for the proposed Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline Project.

The proposed pipeline would run through northeast and central Pennsylvania and would connect natural gas-producing regions in northeastern Pennsylvania to markets in the Mid-Atlantic and southeastern states.…

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[ Hiking Week 2017 ]

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has once again teamed with the Keystone Trails Association (KTA) to offer organized hikes and walks available throughout Pennsylvania during the nine-day event known as Hiking Week.

This year’s hiking week will be Thursday, May 25, 2017 through Friday, June 02, 2017.  All of the scheduled hikes have leaders. Most hikes are on the two weekends of the event, but several weekday and evening hikes also are offered. Special hikes include night hikes; wildflower walks; hikes for people with disabilities; pet walks; geology walks and much more.…

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[ Keep PA Beautiful: Benches Made From Plastic Bags Donated By Giant & Martin’s Food Stores In 15 Counties ]

In recognition of Earth Day, GIANT and MARTIN’s Food Stores donated 25 benches made from recycled plastic bags to schools in 15 counties participating in Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’s Litter Free School Zone Program.

Participating schools within the GIANT and MARTIN’S Food Markets region were eligible to receive a bench. The benches were placed on school grounds across the state as part of campus restorations and playground enhancements as part of GIANT’S ongoing Bags to Benches initiative.

The following Litter Free School Zone schools received a recycled content bench–

— Berks County: Muhlenberg Elementary Center, Laureldale;

— Cambria County: Blacklick Valley Jr/Sr High School, Nanty Glo;

— Centre County: Young Scholars of Central PA, State College;

— Chester County: Avon Grove Charter School, Avon Grove;

— Dauphin County: Lancaster Mennonite School – Hershey Campus;

— Huntingdon County: Stone Valley Charter School, Huntingdon;

— Lackawanna County: Valley View High School, Archbald;

— Lancaster County: Fritz Elementary School, Lancaster;

— Luzerne County: Heights-Murray Elementary School, Wilkes-Barre;

— Lycoming County: Hughesville High School, Hughesville;

— Monroe County: Tobyhanna Elementary School, Pocono Pines;

— Philadelphia County: Lindley Academy Charter School, New Foundations Charter School;

— Wayne County: EverGreen Elementary School, Lake Ariel;

— Westmoreland County: Rostraver Elementary School, Belle Vernon;  and

— York County: Dillsburg Elementary School, Dillsburg, Wellsville Elementary School, Wellsville.…

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[ Switch To A Greener Pod ]

A recent poll by the National Coffee Association states one in five adults get their daily dose of caffeine from one-use dreamstime_xs_47997054coffee pods. That doesn’t bode well for the environment. In 2014, enough pods were purchased to circle the earth more than 12 times (approximately). In comparison, the population of the United States lined up side by side would only wrap around the earth seven times.

Recently, the Vermont-based company Keurig debuted a new line of recyclable K-Cups—part of a sustainability initiative to make 100 percent of its pod products recyclable by 2020– but you don’t have to wait four years to make a more sustainable cup with your Keurig.…

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[ Federal Methane Rule Survives Challenge ]

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday narrowly rejected an attempt to overturn a rule meant to stop the release of billions of cubic feet of natural gas into the environment. Three Republicans joined all 46 Senate Democrats and two independents in rejecting the resolution to throw out the Bureau of Land Management rule.

According to environmentalists, nearly 110 billion cubic feet of gas, valued at $330 million, is released each year through leaks, venting and flaring on federal and tribal lands.

Dan Grossman, Rocky Mountain regional director of the Environmental Defense Fund, calls the vote a major victory.…

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[ Green Grilling Tips for National Barbecue Month ]

May is National Barbecue Month…the perfect time to observe and celebrate the wonders of the BBQ.  dreamstime_xs_9873056But, what is the
best way to do that while keeping the planet in mind?

If you make a few changes to the way you grill and the kinds of products you buy, you can make your outdoor cooking more environmentally friendly.

The Spruce has some great suggestions on how to do that.

Find them here.…

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[ Shopping Tips To Benefit The Planet ]

Becoming a conscious consumer isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time, patience, and practice.

Maybe you start recycling, then you learn how to read labels, then you start trying to find out how a product was made and the workers were treated.

So Seventh Generation put together a guide to help you find the best options available for your family and the planet next time you’re in the store or online.  Find it here.…

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[ Scranton Community Foundation Supports Lacawac Watershed Education Program ]

Lacawac Sanctuary in Wayne County received a $4,000 grant from the Scranton Area Community Foundation which will allow the organization to develop a water resource program for elementary school classes in Lackawanna County schools to educate students on the importance of watersheds and how to protect water sources.

Lacawac Sanctuary provides students opportunities to learn about the local natural environment and how they can improve conditions for future generations.

Lacawac’s Watershed Education and Awareness program operates in local schools and afterschool programs to teach natural resource sciences, ecosystem management, and watershed stewardship to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in Lackawanna County.…

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[ Suit Challenges Trump Reversal of Drilling Ban ]

Environmental groups and Alaska Native Americans say President Donald Trump has exceeded his authority by reversing the ban on drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, and they’re suing to stop him.

The permanent ban, instituted by President Barack Obama, applies to 31 biologically rich, deep-water canyons off the Atlantic coast and 120 million acres of ocean floor in the Arctic.

According to Erik Grafe, a staff attorney with the law firm Earthjustice, the law that made it possible to put a permanent ban in place has no provision that allows the ban to be lifted.…

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[ PA High on List of States with Most Drinking-Water Violations ]

About 5.6 million Pennsylvanians depend on drinking-water supplies that violate the Safe Drinking Water Act, according to a new report.

The report from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) says nationally, one in four Americans is served by water systems reporting violations, including failure to treat water, excessive levels of contaminants such as arsenic or coliform bacteria, and failure to test water or report test results.

But according to report coauthor Erik Olson, director of the NRDC’s Health Program, very few of even the most serious health-based violations face any enforcement actions.…

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[ Is This Caterpillar A Solution To Plastic Waste? ]

Generally speaking, plastic is incredibly resistant to breaking down. That’s certainly true of the trillion polyethylene plastic bags that people use each and every year. But researchers may be on track to find a solution to plastic waste. The key is a caterpillar commonly known as a wax worm.

Read the story from ScienceDaily here.…

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[ Message to Gov. Wolf: Stop Methane Leaks ]

It’s time to keep your promise and stop the leaks.

That’s the message Pennsylvanians affected by oil and gas emissions are sending to Gov. Tom Wolf.

Every year, the oil and gas industry in the state emits more than 100-thousand tons of toxic air pollution, including methane and smog-causing volatile organic compounds.

In January 2016 Wolf proposed new regulations for emissions from new facilities.

But according to Joseph Minott, director of the Clean Air Council, when Wolf was first running for governor, he promised to tackle the leaks that are happening now.…

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[ National Wildflower Week ]

Lady Bird Johnson said wildflowers “give us a sense of where we are in this great land of ours.” Right she was!dreamstime_xs_4783072

Wildflowers are admired nationwide — and they’re celebrated officially during National Wildflower Week every first week of May.  This year, National Wildflower Week occurs May 1st thru the 7th.

Commemorate these iconic features of our landscapes by learning more about them.

The Benefits of Growing Wildflowers:

• Attracting and sustaining beneficial wildlife (the pollinators and other creatures essential to keeping the plant and animal kingdom – and us – going)
• Creating extensive recycling, composting, land repurposing and self-regulating water filtration systems
• Mastering extreme weather survival
• Developing a continent-wide erosion control program
• Nurturing the expansion of a wide range of living organisms
• Doing all of this practical work while giving us the great gift of their beauty

What Can You Do:

Grow native wildflowers!  …

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[ Mine Drainage In NEPA Being Researched For Use In Bendable Concrete ]

The Eastern PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation announced it is aiding in the research of conducting a more durable concrete by supplying the University of Michigan with northeastern Pennsylvania Acid Mine Drainage (AMD).

Haoliang Wu, a joint Ph.D. student from the Advanced Civil Engineering Materials Research Lab at the Civil and Environmental Engineering College in the University of Michigan contacted EPCAMR with interest of collecting the raw AMD while conducting a CSC (China Scholarship Council Funding) with Professor Victor C.…

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[ Bike to School Day 2017 ]

Join the Celebration on May 10! dreamstime_xs_20974918

Thousands of students, families, community partners, and elected officials around the country will celebrate the benefits of biking and walking to school during National Bike to School Day.

Register your school’s event today to be counted among the thousands of schools who participate each year and be entered into drawings for bikes and helmets! Bike to School Day registration is free and open to all schools planning a 2017 event in the United States. Register now with The National Center for Safe Routes to School and see who else is biking!…

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[ DEP Draft Permit Extends PA Coal-Plant Pollution ]

Environmental groups want Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection to reconsider its draft water pollution permit for the Brunner Island coal-fired power plant.

The latest draft permit, released Friday, would delay the plant’s deadline to comply with discharge limits on a variety of harmful pollutants for another 4 to 6 years.

The pollutants include nitrates, selenium, arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead.

According to Patrick Grenter, senior campaign representative for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed at the Sierra Club, this is the third draft update since the plant’s last pollution permit expired in 2011.…

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[ A Billboard That Purifies The Air Around It ]

Billboards don’t really do anything — except for Toyota’s new Mirai billboards, which are actually engineered to clean the air around them.

Now thru May 28, Toyota will put up 37 billboards around Los Angeles and San Francisco, touting the Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. In order to reinforce how clean a hydrogen-powered electric car can be, the billboards are built to scrub pollution from the air.

Get the full story from Roadshow by CNET here.…

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[ Lick This Lollipop and Then Plant It ]

These lollipops grow into plants after you’re done eating them.

Check out the video here.…

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[ Report: Finding, Fixing Gas Leaks a Win-Win-Win ]

Finding and fixing natural-gas leaks creates jobs, grows business and helps the environment, according to a new report.dreamstime_xs_72993089

Leak detection and repair, or L-DAR, is a growing industry, with at least 60 L-DAR companies providing services to oil and gas producers in 45 states. More than half are considered small businesses and 37 percent were founded within the past six years. Andrew Williams, senior state regulatory and legislative affairs manager for the Environmental Defense Fund, which commissioned the report, pointed out that 38 of those companies are operating in Pennsylvania.…

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[ How Energy Efficient Are Baseball Stadiums? ]

As Americans “root, root, root for the home team”, they might be too focused on the games to notice that their dreamstime_xs_246301stadium is more efficient than it used to be. Professional ballparks average 1 million square feet and together host more than 73 million Americans each year – which means there are a lot of opportunities for improvements that enhance visitor experience, save stadium owners and operators money, and reduce energy and water use.

Taking the Field, a recent report funded by the U.S.…

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[ What happens after Bears Ears National Monument’s deadline? ]

In the coming weeks, the Trump administration will review comments, and by June 10th, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will make a recommendation about Bears Ears’ monument status.

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[ Trump doesn’t care about climate or these 5 national parks ]

Our parks would benefit from staying in the Paris Agreement, where nearly 200 countries are committed to reduce human-driven emissions and aim to stop the rise of global temperatures.


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[ Unprecedented outpouring of support for Bears Ears shown during official comment period ]

DJ Tyson

Today, a coalition of conservation groups and others announced that a historic number of comments and petitions of support have been submitted to the Department of the Interior in support of Bears Ears National Monument.  Despite the entirely inadequate 15-day period ending on May 26th prov

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